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Makers of Digital Products

A diverse team of designers, developers, and producers working together to push creative software solutions in the XR, blockchain, and education sectors.

Over the last 6 years we've helped over 30 teams bring their projects to market. Whether we're bringing new polish to an existing vision, or designing and developing full scale systems from the ground up, we deliver solutions our clients love.

Made by Makers

We're proud of the innovative, real world solutions we've created for our clients. We help our clients balance their business needs, product vision, and budget to put successful products into the market. Here are a few recent examples from the over 30 projects we’ve completed in the past 6 years.

Paintball International
E-commerce & Multi-level Marketing

Paintball International had an idea for a unique, ambitious, multi-tenant eCommerce application. Using their paintball fields as draw they needed a platform that allowed ticket sales for 70 locations with unique multipartner deals to promote each location. Affiliate marketing and tracking coupons usage and payout across multiple vendor partners were just a few of the complex features in this multi-level multi-vendor ticketing and coupon system. Unable to find an existing solution able to deliver their vision, they turned to us, and we made it happen.

Potion Portions
Curriculum as a Game

Pearson was ready to launch a new generation of educational game, teaching and testing curriculum in a game experience that replaces traditional books and classroom activities. The app also had to connect to a back end that allows educators to follow student progress in real time via an educator dashboard.

Working with a world class curriculum team we designed and then developed a series of cross platform exercises to teach kids fractions. Portion Portions entertains while teaching Next Generation Science Standards and reporting students progress to a COPPA compliant educator dashboard. Initial student response has been extraordinary and as the program expands to more schools we look forward to hearing more student success stories.

LO3 Energy
Blockchain Energy Trading Platform

Lawrence Onsini had a vision for how blockchain could be used to create an energy trading platform, a local micro grid. After raising money and assembling a team of Brooklyn homeowners willing to give it a try, Lawrence made a phone call to us. A year later the Brooklyn Microgrid app was live and LO3 Energy had successfully closed a partnership funding round.

We continued to work with the young company creating multiple applications, each tailored for that location’s specific energy regulation and legal requirements and language localized by those on the ground using the app. While every successful project launch is rewarding, we take exceptional pride in working on a project that allowed us to bring a real solution to a global problem close to our hearts.

Learning Adventure

Learning to write Chinese characters is no easy task for a native English speaker. Working with the Chinese Character A Day Foundation we made Chinaville, a learning game to teach basic Mandarin to beginning learners. Follow Clara through her language learning journey in over 24 different categories of Mandarin vocabulary, including mini games like hangman, crossword, word search, flashcards, and more.

Team Bike Challenge
Gamified Community App

The San Francisco Bike Coalition’s yearly Team Bike Challenge was an opportunity to bring together riders from across the 9 bay area counties.

A mobile app that gamified their contest with teams, points, and achievements, was designed to create as many winners as possible and to provide continued encouragement to participants.

Congratulations to all the teams, and thanks for pedaling!

Ninja Revinja
Analytics and Live Team Support

Sizzle Entertainment had something special when Ninja Revinja hit 1 million downloads, however, when you looked at the income they knew something was wrong.

Immediately upon getting involved we updated the game to include analytics that allowed us to better break down the problem. Six months later with a revised first time user experience, level ramp and advertisement placement we had increased lifetime user value by 300%.

These are just a few of the digital ambitions we've brought to life. Tell us about yours.

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