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A diverse team of designers, developers, and producers working together to push creative software solutions in the XR, blockchain, and education sectors. In 4 years we've helped over 30 teams bring their projects to market.

Made by Makers

We're proud of the innovative, real world solutions we've created for our clients. Here are just a few examples from the over 30 projects we've completed in the past 4 years.

Paintball International

PBI had a vision for a unique, ambitious, multi-tenant eCommerce application that allowed over 70 marketing hubs to manage teams, billing, and the creation of extremely complex cross promotional deal structures. None of the existing solutions could deliver their vision, so they turned to us, and we made it happen.

Potion Portions

Pearson was ready to launch a new generation of educational game, teaching and testing fractions while allowing educators to follow student progress in real time via their educator dashboard. They came to us for help.

We designed and developed their vision from start to finish, creating the cross platform game Potion Portions. The game incorporates all of the relevant parts of game design to create a compelling and amusing game, while simultaneously respecting their existing curriculum standards, COPPA regulations, and EdTech best practices.

Initial student response has been extraordinary.

LO3 Energy

Revolutionizing the we way buy and sell electricity takes the right partners. LO3 Energy chose us to implement their vision of the world's first small-scale microgrid prototype.

We created multiple applications, each tailored for for different legal requirements around the world, but they all had one thing in common. They democratized power, utilizing the blockchain to trade green energy between neighbors.

Chinese Character A Day

Learning to write Chinese characters is no easy task for a native English speaker.

Utilizing our experience in educational games, we developed an environment around a character recognition engine to help players practice the skills they need in a fun, and interactive way.

Team Bike Challenge

The San Francisco Bike Coalition had a dream of encouraging more riders via a contest, and we made it happen. We updated their existing web only system into a community driven mobile app centered on the mission. We gamified their contest with teams, points, and achievements, and wrapped the whole thing around Google Maps.

Congratulations to all the teams, and thanks for pedaling!

Ninja Revinja

When Sizzle Entertainment needed a hand with their endless runner game Ninja Revinja, they turned to us for our expertise. Over six months, we carefully studied their player base and redesigned many elements of the game including first time user experience, initial levels, turning, and special powers.

The result?
An over 300% increase in user engagement.

These are just a few of the digital ambitions we've brought to life. Tell us about yours.

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Matt Alexander

Art Director

Our team encompasses a diverse and exceptional range of background experiences, all of which lend unique perspectives towards finding the best solution for your project.

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