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Working directly with Lawrence Orsini, LO3 Energy’s CEO, RSM reimagined a new kind of energy marketplace utilizing peer-to-peer networks powered by proprietary Exergy ERC20-compliant blockchain protocols.

The result was one of the first ever smart contract-managed community-driven apps, localized and deployed to 5 markets to date.

“If in the future you find yourself selling your excess solar panel energy to your neighbor via secure blockchain, you’ll have one startup’s actions on President Street in Brooklyn to thank”
App in the News
US - This New York Project Fuses Energy Microgrids With Blockchain Technology
May 1, 2016
UK - UK's Centrica Brings Blockchain to Power Generation Sector
May 11, 2018
Australia - Victorian dairy farms could soon trade on a local renewable energy market
April 27, 2018

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