Dollar Donation Club

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Dollar Donation Club





The mission of Dollar Donation Club is to recruit a vast

number of people to commit to donating a small amount

every month (as low as $1) to create the world’s largest collective philanthropist. Dollar Donation Club passes

100% of contributions to transparently-vetted

campaigns, such as reducing ocean plastic, then

shows donors the impact of their contributions

Client Challenge

  • Dollar Donation Club is a micro-donation platform on a mission to unite one billion people who give $1+/month to achieve extraordinary social impact goals while having fun
  • Fun is possible only if the technology platform is well automated, integrated, and scalable
  • To build their platform, Dollar Donation Club looked for an experienced partner with expertise in systems thinking, end-to-end design, workflows, agile development, off-the shelf, and cust software development
  • …And was also fun to work with!

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster designed and developed the full back end and associated APIs and interfaces for managing partners and members, payment and subscription processing, progress towards charitable goals, user notifications, and systems integration
  • We also contributed to the front end by implementing several payment processors ranging in complexity from Stripe to a custom traditional gateway
  • We also revised the UI/UX to better integrate all processors into a single workflow and set up an approach to collecting new design ideas

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