Eco Challenge

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Eco Challenge


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Williams Learning Solutions envisions a future in which every child can access and build a strong foundation in science. The Williams Learning Solutions platform takes a data-driven approach, sparking interest in science through real-world scenarios to help students achieve their potential.

Client Challenge

  • Michelle Williams, CEO of Williams Learning Solutions, wanted to expand her company‚Äôs science learning platform by incorporating games as a tool for learning
  • Her goal was to find fun new ways to engage the curiosity and problem-solving skills of young learners by discovering and exploring connections in the ecosystem
  • A key requirement was for the game to meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), created by a consortium of states, non-profits, and government agencies

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster worked directly with CEO Michelle Williams to produce captivating, educational content for Eco Challenge
  • In the game children are presented with immersive real-world simulations and tasked with solving problems to restore the ecosystem
  • Following NGSS requirements, the game offers personalized learning paths, context-sensitive guidance, and embedded assessments
  • We led this project from concept through to alpha testing, providing the complete package, including gameplay, art, and sound, receiving positive reviews from both children and educators

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