Journey of the Germ

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Journey of the Germ


San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District


Public health; education


The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District supports 26 cities east of Los Angeles. Their EcoHealth Vector Education program helps educators and students protect their health and the health of the environment.

Client Challenge

  • To prevent the spread of West Nile virus, the EcoHealth Vector Education team needed to deliver an important message to an audience covering a wide range of ages and demographics
  • They envisioned an interactive video game that could:
    • Detail how mosquitos and the ecosystem spread the virus
    • Explain why outbreaks are more frequent in warmer weather
    • Show how people are essential to controlling the spread of the West Nile virus

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • The result is Journey of the Germ, an interactive and entertaining experience illustrating various transmission scenarios
  • The game offers five levels of difficulty aimed at different age groups
  • Educational goals are assessed by comparing scores on quizzes before and after the game

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