Knights of the Ether

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Knights of the Ether


GoodKarmaSF - Adam Walchirk


Web 3.0, Play to Earn



Creative visionary Adam Walchirk produced Knights of the Ether: Blightfell as a skill-based, play-to-earn experience.
Knights of the Ether is the next step in the evolution of blockchain gaming which combines on-chain economy-based play-to-earn, with the tactics, skill and replayability of a deck-building roguelike game


Client Challenge

  • Andrew Walchirk, the CEO and creative visionary, successfully launched NFTs for Knights of the Ether and was tasked with developing a strong idea for the game they had in mind.
  • The game needed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by utilizing blockchain technology and adding true ownership of your character and assets in-game through the use of NFT’s.
  • The creative team was looking for a proper way to monetize the game, add new features and game mechanics, and build a fun play-to-earn game inspired by unlimited replayability.

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster (RSM) integrated AI to analyze per-screen user actions and player progress through the game levels.
  • RSM improved the first-time user experience by starting players at a tutorial level and walking them through the game mechanics.
  • RSM modified the player progression throughout the game and implemented a power-up economy, allowing players to gain more advantages the longer they played.
  • Built an economy and game loop to open up the game to new users and support an additional NFT drop, allowing new users to play as Villagers while not diminishing the Knight-holders elite experience.

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