L.A. Comic Con

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L.A. Comic Con


L.A. Comic Con


Entertainment; e-commerce


L.A. Comic Con is a major three-day comic book convention and entertainment event attended by over 100,000 fans and 800 artists. Since 2011 it has been an annual event in Los Angeles, covering multiple genres, including comic, horror, sci-fi, anime, gaming, and pop culture.

Client Challenge

  • Adapting to the pandemic, the 2021 L.A. Comic Con leadership wanted a solution to moving merchandise sales online to a wide range of ages and demographics
  • They envisioned a virtual convention center and vendor space for selling comics, collectibles, art, toys, and apparel
  • They then sought a partner to build a web- and mobile-based Virtual Reality platform to run the L.A. Comic Con SuperFan Mall

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster designed and built the SuperFan Mall with five distinctively-themed hallways crafted with custom art
  • The mall is powered by a content management system with templated custom shopfronts that allow the operations team to populate and update vendor information
  • The UI/UX is driven by Google Street View-style navigation enabling fans to browse the merchandise and make purchases through embedded links in vendors’ virtual booths

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