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The Young Socratics






The Young Socratics is a K-12 education company, whose courses make learning fun and meaningful. based on games that integrate math, science, history, and philosophy. Their award-winning Odyssey game is available on Steam and directly through their website.

Client Challenge

  • The founders of The Young Socratics, Vivek Kaul and Omkar Deshpande, believe in providing learners with the foundations of scientific reasoning and argumentation through the lens of educational science adventure
  • They had a vision of creating an educational game similar to the video game Myst and were seeking a partner who could realize this vision by building on their initial design and code with a complete end-to-end game solution

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monsters brought the Odyssey game to life, assembling scenes from pre-existing art, then designing and implementing the puzzle elements from scratch
  • To give learners an accurate, life-like experience of scientific testing, RSM re-coded the Unity physics engine to exhibit authentic, real-world physics
  • To add a layer of immersion, RSM crafted the game’s environment-rich sound design
  • As a result, Odyssey was awarded the
  • Best Educational Game Design at the Intentional Play Summit

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