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Pearson Education is a British education, publishing, and assessment service to schools, corporations, and students. Pearson owns educational media brands including Addison–Wesley, Peachpit, Prentice Hall, eCollege, Longman, and Scott Foresman.

Client Challenge

  • As part of its long-term curriculum strategy, Pearson is creating online games capable of replacing textbooks
  • Potion Portions, which teaches fractions, must be able to train and test the established textbook curriculum
  • The game must interface with an administrative dashboard that teachers use to track student progress and identify students who need additional assistance
  • It must also conform with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Rule (COPPA) compliance requirements

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster designed and developed Potion Portions with direct input from subject matter experts in the teaching of fractions
  • Offered in classrooms through Pearson, the game offers nine challenge levels, educating children on the principles and computation of fractions
  • The comprehensive game content covers approximately three months of curriculum delivery
  • The Potion Portions system design and API supports the tracking of students’ progress by teachers and administrators

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