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AR/VR Technology



Occipital creates 3D models of real world spaces and converts them to CAD using an iPhone. Earlier, the Occipital Bridge headset was an important step in the evolution of mixed reality, using AR and VR to create 3D worlds used in gaming, education, healthcare, manufacturing, travel, and retail.

Client Challenge

  • To demonstrate the creative potential of their Occipital Bridge headset, Occipital needed to build an app showcasing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • The target platform was the iPhone 6 before native iOS AR capabilities were embedded in the iPhone
  • Therefore, Occipital required a partner with critical mobile platform technical skills
  • In addition, the company was under time pressure to produce this new app in weeks, not months

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • We designed and developed Refraction, a prototype game where users move from a 2D AR comic book story to a 3D VR reality adventure
  • Refraction users experience an entirely new level of immersion as they transition from static comic readers into active game participants
  • Using Apple’s SceneKit 3D graphics framework, Robot Sea Monster designed and produced Refraction in just three weeks, delivering a high level of innovation before AR was readily available

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