Roo Awakening

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The Roo Awakening


Valiant Eagle, Inc.


NFT Games



The Roo Awakening will be a web and mobile-based beat-em-up game centered around 13 different mobs of Roos, all specializing in different skills. 

The rarity of the NFT will determine the skill level and difficulty of the game for faster earning, but even the lowest priced NFTs can grow in value by engaging in the game – presenting all players equal opportunity to thrive.

Client Challenge

  • Valiant Eagle developed the NFTs. Their next mission was to design a game with a unique game economy system 
  • They required an economy system would work with MetaMask in-game, with a web3 wallet that allows users to manage their cryptocurrency assets and interact with decentralized applications. 
  • The NFTs had to merge seamlessly with game mechanics and this new economy. The result should be a play to earn economy system within the game that uses the Roo NFTs to its advantage.

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster built a single-level demo for Valiant Eagle as per their request, with MVP  NFT graphics in 16 bits classic brawler style.
  • To enrich the player experience, Robot Sea Monster used its existing technology library to build a larger economy system that could work with Metamask for in-game purchases
  • The result is a successful demo that showcases a sophisticated economy and a skill-based gameplay. A place that encourages the player to use their NFTs, increase their value by exploiting them and their abilities in combat, buy new ones or even sell them.

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