Sherlock Bones

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Owl Brand Discovery Kits





Owl Brand Discovery Kits is a K-12

science education company that

helps teachers bring hands-on science

into classrooms worldwide.

Their discovery kits include barn owl

pellets, tools, and a research guide

Client Challenge

  • Owl Brand wanted to engage kids by augmenting their discovery kits with a fun educational game
  • They chose a digital game about the diet and habits of barn owls and the anatomy of their prey
  • To maximize access, they wanted to deliver the game via browsers and iOS and Android devices
  • It was important to deliver a compelling game for students ranging in age from kindergarteners to high schoolers

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • In the Sherlock Bones game, an owl pellet gradually reveals clues as the student explores each bone and assembles the clues to complete the puzzle
  • Sherlock Bones is built in Unity, deployed on web browsers using WebGL, with re-purposed code running apps on iOS and Android devices
  • Students can play Sherlock Bones and virtually dissect pellets anytime, giving them unlimited access to learning and complementing the hands-on lab environment
  • We also made it easy for teachers to distribute assignments, run contests, and measure engagement

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