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Web3 Design and Development

Kaiju Stack™ for Rapid Deployment

Robot Sea Monster is introducing Kaiju Stack, our best-of-breed technology platform that helps us produce Web3 games and apps quickly.

The Kaiju Stack combines Robot Sea Monster innovation with industry-standard platforms like Microsoft Playfab and Photon to power up our production team to:

  • Bootstrap and drive your game economy
  • Scale your operations with five-nines availability
  • Build your market and brand value with customers

Our Web3 Advantages

Time to market

Design, develop, and launch a minimum viable product in a matter of days, not months

Market feedback

Bootstrap your Web3 economy with a product roadmap that gives you fast market response

Risk management

Increase project control by breaking your project into predictable sprints and viable releases


Start lean; then grow your user base to mass scale without changing operating platforms


Achieve five-nines reliability starting Day 1 by operating on the world’s largest gaming platform

Player confidence

Allow users to buy virtual assets and provide transparent access to their assets

Cost control

Save money by leveraging Robot Sea Monster experience built into our code base and libraries

Brand value

Build the trust of your user base by delivering to their expectations, release after release

Kaiju Stack Technology Partners

Web3 Client Experience

Dr. Zammsy V.04

“When we were searching for the right Web3 game development partner, the Dr. Zammsy team needed to get our collectible game cards into the market as quickly as possible.


On Day 1, The Robot Sea Monster studio was ready to go with a fully-functional NFT library, which saved us major time and investment dollars.”


Matt Gaser, creator

The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy

To learn more, contact us or download the Kaiju Stack data sheet.